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北京颐和园 昆明湖

Kunming Lake, Summer Palace, Beijing




"Yes this is my deer friend. Deer friend is pretty like snow. You hurt deer friend I will hurt you."


being a dude explained in one gif

Anonymous: hey i know blackinnon is all about the angst but do you have like any happy headcannons?? please and thankyou!!!!!


  • she was too skint to afford her own leather jacket so she just wore his (he’d ask for it back every time he saw her but she wouldn’t give it to him so in the end he just bought a new one (and don’t tell anyone but every time he saw her wearing it his stomach backflipped))
  • she was buried in it but that’s not a happy headcanon so
  • they picked up a lot of each others habits 
  • so if a song they both liked came on the radio they would both punch the air and shout CHOON 
  • and then sing
  • they were always singing
  • like all the time
  • sometimes they’d be cooking (or rather, they’d be opening the bag of chips they got from the chip shop) and marlene would just start singing under her breath, there didn’t even need to be music playing
  • and he would join in and eventually it would escalate into the pair of them standing on his sofa doing air guitar and harmonising and throwing their hair around and being dorks
  • at order meetings they always sat next to each other and they were like the cool kids at the back of the class y’know???
  • and they would heckle whoever was talking and when it was moody they would throw peanuts at him
  • obviously they would settle down and listen when it was important but for like
  • the reading of the minutes and stuff
  • they would just piss about
  • sirius made her laugh and he was just about one of the only people in the world who could do that
  • they had so many stupid inside jokes that the rest of the world wouldn’t find funny at all
  • sometimes they’d be having a conversation in front of someone and it would almost be like they were talking in a made up language because nothing they were saying made any sense to anyone else but them??? have u ever spent time with a couple like that its one of the weirdest things in the world but weird in a beautiful way like the fact that human beings can love each other so strongly is bonkers i’m getting off topic
  • they had the kind of relationship where you can communicate through facial expressions
  • they made each other mix tapes

Anonymous: Who could play a younger sister of Adelaide Kane? Preferable someone would could pass for 14-15. Please and thank you.


  • Georgie Henley
  • Kara Hayward
  • Kylie Jenner

Doctor: Okay, so what's wrong, how are you feeling?
Me: *Looks at mom waiting for her to explain*


this world is so fucked up like one of my friends has carpeting in his bathroom instead of tile like how can someone hate themselves that much